Residential LED light bulbs and fittings

Residential LED lighting ; LED light bulbs and LED fittings

Residential lighting is the category of lighting we are all probably most familiar with since we use it in our homes, and it is here where we can all directly see the benefits of upgrading to LED lighting in in our homes. Highly energy efficient LED lighting offers dramatically longer lifetimes and better performance for up to 80% reduction in electricity usage, which means lower bills. Our living room lighting, kitchen lighting, bathroom lighting, outdoor floodlights and garden lights are just some common examples. At Cosmo Electrical, the leading online supplier of LED lighting and electrical products, we offer a wide range of residential LED lighting products from LED fire-rated LED downlights, LED GU10 lamps, LED light bulbs, LED floodlights, LED tape lights, decorative pendants and much more. To browse our range of LED residential lighting products just scroll through the items below.