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LED Strip lights

LED Strip lights ;  5m packs, bespoke lengths & smart LED strip lights

LED strip lights are a new and unique type of light made possible by advances in LED lighting technology and they have opened up a wide range of exciting lighting possibilities previously too expensive or too impractical to consider. For added longevity and the best performance be sure to use your LED strip lights together with Aluminium profile. There are a wide ranges of different types and styles of LED strip lights with power and brightness levels from 6W/m up to 20W/m as well as a whole host of different colour temperatures as well as red, green, blue, RGB colour control, tuneable white + RGB LED strip as well as the most advanced Smart WiFi LED strip lights. In addition to 5m packs we also offer bespoke LED strip light cut lengths to make installation as quick and easy as possible. So if you would like help choosing the right LED strp light for you, need help matching the appropriate LED drivers or want to discuss bespoke or custom lengths for your project just get in touch and we'll be happy to help with your enquiry. Or just scroll down through the range to see the great range of high quality LED strip lights we offer all at market beating prices.