LED Mini Globe bulbs

LED Mini Globe or LED Golf ball bulbs ;  Standard and Filament styles

LED mini global bulbs, also know as LED Golf Ball bulbs or G45 LED bulbs are a round orb shaped type of LED bulb typically used in domestic or commercial retail or hospitality applications in decorative ceiling and wall fittings or table lamps. They are smaller than the larger LED GLS bulbs or LED A60 bulbs and are a more popular choice where space is at a premium in a light fitting. Modern LED mini globe bulbs offer a highly energy efficient and cost saving alternative to their traditional incandescent or non-LED bulb counterparts, with energy savings of up to 85%. They are available in a range of sizes, wattages, colours and base caps, including SES (E14) LED mini globe bulbs and ES (E27) LED min globe bulbs, as well as a filament style LED mini globe bulb which is very popular when the bulb itself is visible in the fitting. If you need any help choosing the right LED mini globe bulb for your needs just get in touch and we'll be happy to help with your enquiry. Or just scroll down to see the great range of high quality LED mini globe bulbs we offer all at market beating prices.