LED Tube lights

LED Tube lights ; Ultra high energy efficiency compared to fluorescent tubes

While the general trend in LED lighting solutions has been tending towards more integrated solutions, and in the instances where fluorescent tubes are being replaced this generally means LED batten lights or LED non-corrosive lights, sometimes it is either not possible or practical to replace the entire fitting. Sometimes you just need to have a retrofit LED light bulb replacement. Fortunately LED tubes exist for just such situations and offer a range of benefits over their fluorescent counterparts. First off, thanks to the latest LED technology they are highly energy efficient, offering savings of up to 80% against non-LED lighting. They are also directional, meaning that all the light is shining in the right direction, unlike fluorescent tubes where there is a full 360 degree beam of light (a lot of it shining up and way from where you need it!). Finally, LED tubes are highly reliable. Advances in LED driver technology mean fewer replacements which means lower maintenance costs and that means larger savings. If you need any helping choosing the right LED tube lights for your application just get in touch and we'll be happy to help with your enquiry. Or just scroll down to see the great range of LED tube lights we offer all at market beating prices.