Lumanor 5W MR16 LED lamp. An ideal low-voltage 12V solution for a wide variety of domestic, commercial and retail applications. A high-power HP LED array of 1.0W Bridgelux LED chips provides high output and a robust and high-quality heat sink ensure good thermal management and heat dissipation to provide long lifetimes and consistent performance.


Configuration: 4 x 1W Bridgelux LED chips?

Wattage: 5W?

Colour Temperatures:  Warm White (3000K), Natural White (4500K)?

Lumenous Output: 325lm at 3000K, 370lm at 4500K

Dimensions: 50mm x 54mm

Beam angle: 38?

Warranty: 3 years


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Lumanor MR16 5W

  • 5W 12V MR16 LED lamp
  • 4 x 1W Bridgelux LED chips
  • 3000K & 4500K
  • 370lm
  • 38 degree beam angle