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LED Candle bulbs

LED Candle bulbs ;  Standard LED candle bulbs, Filament style & Smart candle bulbs 

Candles have been used for lighting since even before the introduction of electric lamps and even today the distinctive shape and warm colour of a candle light bulb is unmistakeable. And even as technology has progressed and the traditional candle light bulb has evolved into the latest LED candle lamps, the look and feel is still recognisable. Most commonly used in domestic applications for ceiling lights, chandeliers, wall fittings and some desk lights, LED candle bulbs are part of the wider family of LED bulbs that we would use on a daily basis. They offer a highly cost effective and ultra energy efficient alternative to traditional candle lights, with savings of up to 85% compared to their non-LED equivalents. There is a wide range of LED candle bulbs to choose from including filament style LED candle bulbs popular in retail hospitality applications as well as domestic, and now even the latest Smart WiFi LED candle bulbs with app control, multiple colours and dimming control. If you need any help choosing the right LED candle bulb for your needs just get in touch and we'll be happy to help with your enquiry. Or just scroll down to see the great range of high quality LED candle bulbs we offer all at market beating prices.