Lumanor LED 18W Premium AR111 LED bulb solution is the ideal solution for ultra-premium and high end retail and commercial applications where only the best in lumen output, longevity, light quality and distribution will do.


With it's SCOB twin high output COB LED chip arrangement and retrofit style reflecor arrangement the Lumanor 18W AR111 LED lamp is able to achieve unrivalled levels of useful lumen output whilst minimising glare and maintaining excellent distribution and ultra-high CRI (colour rendering).


Available in either G53 or GU10 base (to order only) in 12V or 220-240V respectively and will the option for a dimmable varient as well, this lamp is the market leader and ideal choice for the most demanding of applications.


Configuration: 2 x 9W COB LED chips

Wattage: 18W

Colour Temperatures:  Warm White (2700K), Natural White (4500K)

Lumenous Output: 1400lm at 2700K, 1500lm at 4500K

Dimensions: 111mm x 67mm

Available bases: G53

Beam angle: 24 deg

Warranty: 3 years


Prices excluding VAT

Lumanor LED COB AR111 18W

  • 18W SCOB LED AR111
  • 12V or 220-240V
  • G53 or GU10 base (latter to order only)
  • 2700K & 4500K
  • 1500lm
  • 24 degree beam angle
  • Dimmable version available to order