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Smart sockets and switches

Smart sockets and switches ; Automate the home or office with smart switches and sockets

Smart switches and sockets give users the ability to expand their home or office automation. Smart switches and sockets have the important benefit of being able to provide a bridge between the latest smart home products such as smart LED lighting, and also older non-smart products. When older non-smart items such as fans, desk lights, etc. are plugged in to a smart socket or smart plug, it allows the user to control basic functions of the non-smart product via a smartphone or tablet application. This allows users to expand the products in their home or office automation network and therefore continue to increase cost and energy savings. If you would like help choosing the right smart switches or sockets for your application just get in touch and we'll be happy to help with your enquiry. Or just scroll down through the range to see the great range of high quality smart switches and sockets we offer all at market beating prices.