8W Bathroom Mirror light 12V DC IP44. Comes with universal 2-in-1 mounting clip allowing it to be fitted to either mirrors or cabinets. Ultrabright with high lumen output and brightness and includes 2 x 30cm connector leads


Configuration: Universl mounting mirror/wall light

Voltage: 230V 

Wattage: 8W?

Colour Temperature: Warm White (3000K), Cool White (6000K)

Body colour: Chrome

Lumenous Output: 800lm (Warm White), 800lm (Cool White)

Beam Angle: 120? 

Waterproof rating: ?IP44


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Approximately 4-5 working day lead time for delivery

Bathroom Mirror light 8W 2-in-1 mounting clip

  • 8W Bathroom Mirror light 12V DC
  • IP44
  • 2-in-1 mounting clip 
  • Chrome body
  • 3000K & 4000K available