Product Description: Varilight 2-Way Push-On/Off Rotary LED Dimmer 0-300W (1-30 LEDs) (1 Grid Space) (To fit MK, Schneider Ultimate, Schneider Lisse, Crabtree, Hager, Deta, BG & Varilight PowerGrid)


Modules for MK, GET, Crabtree Grids


  • Dimensions: 54x26x50mm
  • Product Weight: 50g
  • Fixing Centres: N/A
  • Depth from Mounting Face:
  • Recommended Back Box Depth: 35mm
  • Operating Voltage: 220/250V AC
  • Maximum Load Rating: LED; 300W (Max. 30 Lamps)
  • Maximum Current Rating: 1.3A
  • Terminal (Live) Diameter: 3.2mm; Capacity: 3 x 1.5mm?
  • Terminal (Earth) Diameter: 3.3mm; Capacity: 3 x 1.5mm?


Intended Applications: Indoor Use Only. Domestic lighting circuits including many dimmable LEDs. 

Safety Advice: Not suitable for use with non-dimmable fluorescent bulbs and tubes, wire-wound or toroidal transformers, TRIAC dimmable loads or electric motors. Do not overload. 

Applicable Safety Standard: BS EN 60669-2-1


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Varilight 2-Way Push-On/Off Rotary 300W Multi-grid LED Dimmer

£42.89 Regular Price
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  • 2-Way Push-On/Off Rotary LED Dimmer
  • 0-300W (1-30 LEDs) (1 Grid Space)
  • V-Pro intelligent dimming technology
  • Soft start feature and intelligent overload protection
  • Adjustable minimum brightness setting and choice of driving modes
  • Create your own switch combinations
  • Suitable for MK, GET Schnider and Crabtree Grid Plates
  • 10 year guarantee