Lumanor square bezel for Lumanor 10W LED fire-rated downlights: An interchangeable square bezel for the 10W Lumanor LED fire-rated downlight allows for multiple finishes to suit you or your client?s tastes,


Available in a variety of colours such as polished chrome, matt white or satin nickel. Users are also able to choose between Round or Square shaped bezels for a truly flexible lighting solution.


In addition, all bezels come with a unique anti-glare baffle design in order to reduce the overall glare of the fitting and ensure comfortable, consistent light distribution whilst maintaining maximum brightness.


Prices excluding VAT

Lumanor Square Bezel - 10W Fire-Rated downlight

  • Square bezel for Lumanor 10W fire-rated downlights
  • Fully interchangeable
  • Semi-baffled design for minimal glare
  • Round bezel option available
  • Available in matt white, satin nickel & polished chrome