Lumanor 2ft (600mm) 11W T8 LED tube lights. Ideal for commercial and industrial applications. A high output Epistar SMD LED array provides ultra-high brightness and rotating endcaps allow directional control of the beam even after installation ensuring maximum performance and distribution. A single-end feed design ensures safety when handling during installation and bridging fuse (supplied with the tube) provides compatibility with non-electronic ballasts meaning that no re-wiring is required, simply replace the starter with the bridging fuse and install the tube.


NOTE: Despite backward compatibtility with non-electronic ballasts, for best performance and lifetime the manufacturer advises to always carry out a rewire to remove existing ballasts/controls and provide a mains feed to the input side of the LED tube when installing.


Configuration: 144 Epistar SMD 3528 LED chips

Wattage: 11W?

Colour Temperatures:  Natural White (4500K)?

Lumenous Output: 950lm?

Available bases: T8

Dimensions: 600mm length

Beam angle: 160?

Warranty: 2 years

Single-End Feed

Rotating End-Caps

Retrofit-ready - Includes bridging fuse for compatibility with non-electronic ballasts.


Prices excluding VAT

Lumanor T8 2ft 11W

  • 11W LED tube T8
  • 2ft (600mm)
  • 4500K
  • 950lm
  • Rotating end-caps
  • Single-end feed
  • Includes bridging fuse for comatibility with non-electronic ballasts