The Silverline 2000W Adjustable Heat Gun with variable temperature control and a maximum air temperature of 550 deg C is a high performance and versatile tool suitable for a wide range of applications. Featuing a 3-speed air flow switch makes it ideal for drying or stripping paint, shaping plastic, heat-shrink packaging and defrosting frozen water pipes. Includes 4 nozzles in the pack.


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Silverline 2000W Adjustable Heat Gun

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  • Adjustable dial-up temperature control
  • 4 nozzles for controlled heat application
  • For drying/stripping paint, shaping plastic & heat-shrink tubing or defrosting pipes
  • 3-speed fan for instant air-speed control
  • Includes deflector nozzle, flat nozzle, glass protector nozzle & reducer nozzle